• Plush Toy Development & Prototypes from only £500 +vat. Place your manufacturing order within 60 days of prototype completion and we will deduct £500 off your bulk order.

• Minimum Order Quantities as low as 1000 pieces.

• Manufacturing high end, retail quality plush toys that conform to all their relevant safety standards.

About Plushie...

Plushie is an innovative, design led, plush toy prototyper and manufacturer, based in the United Kingdom. Our plush toy prototypes are created in both the UK and China, with all manufacturing carried out in the Far East. Our creatives are UK based and therefore understand our western toy market, quality, trends and pricing. Over the past 20 years, we have developed leading products using licensed and non licensed IP's, from a Disney Pixar Buzz Lightyear to a range of fruit and vegetable plush toys "The Goodness Gang". Plushie specialises in retail quality plush toys, developed to the highest standard.


How to get started...


1. Tell us your idea!

This needn't be anything fancy, just a rough scribble and written brief. Please include size, colour & fabric styles if possible. A few Google screenshots can help too.

2. Toy development & design specifications

We will develop your idea into a workable plush toy character ready for your approval. This will save time from toing and froing and keep prototype amendments to a minimum.

This will include

  • Character Visual/Illustration
  • Character Turnaround
  • Sizing, Pantone & fabric suggestions

3. Prototype samples & manufacturing patterns

Prototyping will only begin when your design specifications have been approved. We will then produce your development sample and finished prototype sample. Manufacturing Patterns will be used to produce your pre production sample (PPS) when your manufacturing order is placed.

4. Plush toy manufacturing

We will give you an estimated manufacturing cost before prototyping. This is an estimated cost and will be confirmed once we have a fully finished prototype. When we receive your manufacturing order we will develop a pre-production sample (PPS) for final approval before manufacturing. Our manufacturing costs are landed costs and include manufacturing, EN71 safety testing, pre delivery inspections, shipping and duty.