Before you commit to manufacturing, you need to turn your great Idea into a great plush toy prototype.

We develop great plush toy prototypes to a retail standard.


Our Prototypes include manufacturing patterns, enabling you to seek competitive quotations.

Manufacturing Patterns are used to develop costing samples and the only way to achieve an accurate manufacturing cost.


From a simple sketch and written brief, we will create Design Specifications, Working Plush Toy Prototypes and Manufacturing Patterns, ready for manufacture.


We can also take care of all Manufacturing, Safety Testing, Sewn In Labels, Hang Tags and Packaging ready for shipping.




We design and develop our plush prototypes & manufacturing patterns in the UK & China, saving time from the toing & froing between East & West.


Our creative team are UK based and therefore understand our western toy market, quality, trends and pricing.


Our plush prototypes and manufacturing patterns are fully owned by the client. The client is free to send them to any factory for quotation and deal with their importation independently, once all development and sampling fees have been paid in full.


All our manufactured toys are CE marked, EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3 certified and meet the relevant standards applicable in their country of origin. Prototypes will not necessarily conform to current safety regulations and should therefore not be given to children and should be used for presentations/pre sale only.


Plush design, prototyping, manufacturing, product packaging design & bespoke soft toy development.


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