Frequently Asked Questions


How much do prototype samples cost?

Prototyping costs vary and depend on a number of different factors. We do recommend you send a visual, scribble or written description of your project for us to quote from.


Prototype Samples include…

1 Finished Prototype

1 Set of manufacturing patterns.

All our samples include a set of manufacturing patterns that can be used by any factory for competitive quotations.

(Prototype costs are now deducted from your manufacturing order if placed within 60 days of prototype completion)


Character Design Specifications include…

Character development



Sizing spec

Pantone spec

Fabric & detail spec.


What is our minimum order for manufacture?

Our minimum order quantity is 1200 units. We recommend that you budget for 5000 units, but we understand that when launching a new product, it is better to start with a lower quantity.

We can provide lower quantities, but no lower than 500 units, however the unit price will increase substantially.


Safety testing

Our prototypes are not toys and must be used for presentations and pre sale purposes only. Unfortunately if we safety test our samples, we would have to add a further £700 to the costs.

Safety testing is carried out before manufacture, once orders have been placed. The factory will develop six testing samples and send them to an independent testing lab before manufacture is started.

All our manufactured toys are CE marked, EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3 certificated and/or meet the relevant safety standards applicable to their country of origin.



All development work is ©. We are happy to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before you show us your idea. If you do not have your own, you can download our standard NDA here.


How long will a project take?

Character development & design specifications       7-14 days

Plush prototyping & manufacturing patterns               30-45 days

Safety testing                                                                   7 days

Manufacturing                                                                70 days

Pre delivery inspection & shipping                                35 days

All timings given are approximate.